Weekend at the Bank starts now!

Weekend at the Bank starts now!

Day we were all waiting for! Leave your office, because the Weekend at the Bank starts now! First R’n’B club is opening doors tonight – we are going to party all weekend long with a style:

Friday- Straight to the Bank – with the best DJ Prema;
Saturday – The Bank Robbery – for you is going to spin DJ Me-High-Low;
Sunday – Black & Yellow – DJ Architect is here to color your lazy Sunday.

Reservations are requested so contact us on time. VIP section of the club is the best, and with our VIP service you will have a time of your life.

Weekend at the Bank starts now!

After only few months of working,  Bank is already major club of Belgrade nightlife

Club is gathering all the best resident DJ’s and one in a while welcomes best DJ’s in the world

Atmosphere is a blast! Lightning solution of the club is absolutely best in Belgrade. 

The Bank is located at Beton hall, in Karadjordjeva 2-4 street

Contact us for a free reservation, for all the clubs and restaurants in Belgrade. Drop us an e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00. Reservation for all clubs in Belgade.