Weekend in Belgrade

Are you ready for the weekend in Belgrade?

Weekend in Belgrade - worm up at Terassa Lounge

Weekend in Belgrade – worm up at Terassa Lounge

Belgrade is a city where every day is like Friday and Saturday. While winter season fades away, people crave for river clubs and summer. Just to remind, last summer the most popular river club (splav) was club Lasta, second ranked was club Freestyler. For the worm up, the most populare place was Terassa Lounge .

Terassa Lounge left people breathless with its location and infrastructure as well as the people who visited this place.

Terassa Lounge

Terassa Lounge

Summer in Belgrade in 2014 will definitely make party people very happy. A new club will be open, named ‘Leto’, which means ‘Summer’! Owners of the new club are also owners of the Club Dragstor and Terassa Lounge, and they say that Club ‘Leto’ will be perfect for people who want to party hard.
For the weekend ahead, we recommend you to visit Restaurant Tri sesira. For all of you who want to party, we recommend Club Julian Loft and of course the most popular place this season Dragstor Play!