What makes the Belgrade Special?

Before you even think to visit Belgrade make sure to find out What makes the Belgrade Special. Belgrade is the city in the South East Europe. Located on Danube and Sava rivers. Population around 2 mil people. So lets get started:


What makes the Belgrade Special

What makes the Belgrade Special




  1. Name of the City!

What makes the Belgrade special? Belgrade or Beograd means the White City. Some people connect White with race thing. While others connect that word with a clean white city. Neither of those guessing are correct. Name of the White City doesn’t have any relation whatsoever with a white colour. How cool is that?


  1. Slava


Slava is annual family tradition. Most of the Serbian families take a part in this event. Slava is religious event that is related only to Serbs. Basically Slava goes from Father to a Son. You can’t really choose Slava. Better to say its not common thing to change your Slava. Most Famous Slavas are: Djurdjevdan and Sveti Nikola. So for Slava family reunite and the best friends are always invited. Slava is a social event that makes stronger connection between friends and business partners. If you get invited to someones Slava it’s a huge honor. Make sure to bring a bottle of a Serbian Wine or some other present. Make sure to say at the entrance Srećna Slava Domaćine! Dress well and go back home before everyone get to much drunk. Do not talk about politic and make sure to get taxi back to your home. Dont drive drunk please.


  1. Novak Djokovic


Yea, we had to. This guy is amazing! Such a small country and the guy just took over the world of Tennis in his hands. Ruling the world of Tennis. Since a lot of people dosent know where the Serbia is. Most of Serbs will say do you know Novak Djokovic he is the world Champion in Tennis. By the way he is an amazing dude that spends TONS of money to support poor people around Serbia. GO Novak!



Novak Djokovic Belgrade

Novak Djokovic Belgrade



  1. EU Union


Serbia is Geographically in the center of the Europe. After the last check ups Serbs are more for staying away from the EU Union. Reason for this is that people believe that EU is demanding to much. They believe that being part of a EU will make Serbia economically weaker. Serbs are happy to travel with no restrictions and work with others in the EU though. Serbs like Russian foreign politic that is fighting against USA imperialistic domination. Which EU Officials really dislike about Serbians. Countries like Bulgaria or Slovakia are always a showcase to Serbians why EU Union story dosent really work well. EU Union is not really keen to add new members on the other hand. So as things looks like right now Serbia will stay away from Union till the union collapse. Then maybe will join some other Union in the Europe, who knows. Lets see.



Eu Serbia Belgrade

Blue – Members of a EU / Light Brown – Non Members / Red – Ones that left EU / Light Blue – Potential Members



  1. Stubborn mentality


If you use being Stubborn in your own favour you can archive amazing things. Which some people have done. Mostly In Serbian Sports. If Stubborn takes advantage of you in a negative context well then you are not going to do well. Stubborn mentality is super common with Serbians. There are ways how to handle it and to make things work with people here. But it might take some time till you rally learn how to achieve it.





What makes Belgrade Special? Splavs people! Nightclubs on the rivers. It all started back in the 90s. Splav Sound and Saloon ( todays Freestyler ) were the mainstream pioneers in the Belgrade clubbing. There were other Splavs before though. Click here to read more about Splavs and famous Nightlife in Belgrade.



  1. Kafana



Kafanas are local Tavernas that offer food and good time. There is a huge difference between Kafanas and Nightclubs in Belgrade. Make sure to go to Kafana while in Belgrade. Best way is to teem up with locals and go there. Good thing about Kafanas is that prices are 50% cheaper then in the other Belgrade Venues. Bad thing for you is that music is Serbian National. So you wont understand anything.



  1. Serbian Food



Food is a reason what makes the Belgrade Special. For the meat lovers Serbia is the Heaven. For bread lovers same thing. Most of the Fruits and Veggies are natural. Directly from the farmers. No Gmo story! Try Pljeskavica and Cevapcici. Click here – Serbian Food – to check out the whole list of the specialties from our cousin.