What Others said about Belgrade

Getting the info from people that visited Belgrade value more then anything. Our plan is to be realistic with this article. Also we would like to present you with funny and interesting reviews. Check out what others said about Belgrade.


What Others said

What Others said



Annaisa, Paris


I had a blast and now I am Married to this tall and complicated Serbian guy. Hahahahahahaha



Azmir, Dubai


Came for a weekend in Belgrade. Not much expectations. Here in Dubai everyone is talking about Belgrade being the fun city. So many Serbians here in UAE. I was lucky that my friends were in Belgrade at the same time as I. They took me around the Splavs. Had a blast!






Roberto, Rome



Good parties and beautiful women. If you never been try it out! I didn’t like how taxi operates in Belgrade though.



Alberto, USA



EPIC! I did not expect to get in love in that city. People are super kind! Strongly suggest Rakia and Cevapcici. Serbian food is something else!




Dragana, Croatia



Always nice to visit my family in Serbia. To enjoy Kalemegdan, Knez Mihailova and Danube.


Silvia, ZUG


Had my Hen party in Belgrade last summer. Guys from Belgrade at Night booked my ride from a airport. They have organised a table at the amazing restaurant Ambar. Easy entry to clubs and bottle service. At some point some guys had act naughty. They were coming for our table and didn’t want to leave. Club Security came and walk them out. Everything was amazing! I had so much fun in Belgrade.


Oziris, Istanbul


Belgrade is a mix of everything. Always feel happy to come for a weekend and party at Splavs. My tip is to get your reservation sorted out before head to the clubs.



What Others said about Belgrade

What Others said about Belgrade




Ben, Berlin



Friend of mine organised an exhibition at the Gallery Polet. We came for a weekend and we were pretty much surprised. Belgrade Downtown and Berlin have so much in common. Old factories twisted into galleries. Murals all over the city center. I felt that city has still so much to tell.



Fernanda, Brasil


Have been traveling Balkans. For me this was one in the life time experience. I live in London and I thought I have seen it all. I suggest you to da a road trip trough Balkan peninsula. Sarajevo is the must. Kotor and Dubrovnik for sure. Belgrade is the biggest city in the region with a lot of pure un organised street art. Taxi service sucks. Nightlife is epic.