What to wear in Belgrade

What to wear in Belgrade to not look like a tourist. What does Belgrade people wear? How to dress in Belgrade? Belgrade people that live in Downtown take more care about fashion than the suburb ones.

You will find that there is Mix of Italian and Western style at every corner. Paciotti Shoes are common seen at Belgrade Guys. Winter time is reserved for leather jackets Brown or Black. Long coats and leather glows. On the other hand Belgrade Girls love to cruise around wearing the high heals. Even if they go to the store they will be well dressed.


Belgrade is ALIVE and Fashion is the part of the Culture


Belgrade lies on confluence on two rivers. Europes Danube and Sava. The City that never sleeps or The New Berlin as some refer. Famous world wide for its nightlife. Are you Visiting us for the first time? In this article you will find some helpful tips on what to wear in Belgrade during the casual daily walk through Knez Mihailova the main street in Belgrade. As well during your night out in Belgrade Splavs and Clubs.


What to wear in Belgrade Serbia today?

What to wear in Belgrade? Toro Latin Gastrobar Belgrade.

People take fashion very serious


First thing you should know when it comes to fashion styles in Belgrade is that people over here take fashion very seriously. There are many different styles on market. From hippie, retro to high fashion. In last few years “passion for fashion” in Belgrade went to so highest level possible. In just few years couple of new shopping centres has been open. Currently the biggest one is located 5 minutes away from the city centre. In the Belgrade Waterfront. Right next to the river. One that we really like is Rajiceva mall. Very cool well designed place. Located in the heart of the city right at the end of Knez Mihailova pedestrian street.


What to wear in Belgrade to not look like a Tourist?


If you want to blend in society the last thing you want to do is to stand out in a wrong way.


What to wear in Belgrade Serbia

What to wear in Belgrade? Dress to Impress. Guys in Belgrade.



As you would guess. During the day is one thing. During the night is another. Daily activities can be pretty tiring sometimes. Tourists will face long walks through the parks and sightseeing of Belgrade. Visiting museums, art galleries or doing some shopping. You will want to wear something comfortable but still stylish. Simple you can wear Jeans and snickers, t-shirts or similar that feels comfortable. In Belgrade streets you will notice many stiles. Restaurants and bars have their special dress codes. It all depends much on the part of the city or the type of the restaurant you’re looking for. Depends is it a day or a night. Bars and Restaurants in Beton Hala and city centre are pretty posh. They do require certain dress code – lets say, smart casual. There are also “relaxed” places that doesn’t require any special dress code. Our suggestion would be not to wear sport wear, it is just not cool at all.


Mainstream Clubs Dress Code


For mainstream clubs dress code is stricter and less casual. If you’re not dressed properly, according to what their dress code requires, you might not be allowed to get into the club even with a reservation. Gentleman, you’re not allowed to come in the mainstream club wearing track suit and other sports wear. When it comes to ladies, you’ll find out that girls in all Belgrade clubs are very well dressed up. Most of the girls will be wearing dresses and high heels. They’re not required, you can always wear flat sandals or snickers. If you are not sure what to wear or where to go to party, Contact US, and we will share hottest info with you guys.



What to wear in Belgrade

What to wear in Belgrade? Summer Night Out at Splav Leto



Alternative Clubs Dress Code


What to wear in the Belgrade Night Clubs? What you have to know is that style might be different from one club to another. When it comes to underground places like Splav 20/44 (one of the most famous alternative clubs in Belgrade) dress code is pretty casual and alternative. Dear ladies for alternative clubs you shouldn’t wear high heels. You will feel more comfortable in flat shoes and you’ll fit in better dressed more casually. Dear gentleman’s you’ll be just fine wearing jeans and t-shirt with snickers.