Where to buy art

Belgrade is the capital and at the same time the largest city in Serbia. It is placed on confluence of two beautiful rivers – Danube and Sava. Kalemegdan park / fortress, is the place to enjoy endless sunsets, place with the beautiful view. Kalemegdan is the place to restart your mind and to do a long walks. Belgrade is the city known for its epic nightlife, city where you can mingle around all night long. City offers mainstream and alternative experience, but at the same time you can roll around in traditional way. Another thing Belgradians and Serbs in general are very proud of is ART.

  • Knez Mihailova street – The coolest street in Belgrade. Also the main pedestrian and shopping zone. Filled with restaurantsshopping malls, galleries and constant buzz of locals and tourists that are passing through. Take a walk over there, and you will find yourself surrounded with local artiest selling their art work!

Where to buy art Knez Mihailova

  • Art a Porter at Studio Stepenik – it is a place where you can buy paintings from local painters. Stepenik is more than just art gallery and place where you can just buy paintings.  It is also an educational Center and home for various creative projects. It has nice and spacious interior that is perfect for hosting different events. Stepenik is located in the New Belgrade, Bulevar Zorana Djindjica street.

Where to buy art Art a Porter at Studio Stepenik

  • Ulicna Galerija – Or in translation Street gallery. The street gallery represents a unique project for exploiting abandoned and ruined public space in order to carry out artistic and cultural production. The devastated pedestrian space in the passage between Nikola Pašić Square and Nušićeva Street was reconstructed in cooperation with the Municipality of Stari Grad, with which the Association Ministry of the Area signed a contract for the transfer of that space for the purpose of organizing a sustainable street gallery item. It is unique and different from art galleries you have seen so far. If you are in Belgrade, this place It’s the must check!

  • Galerija Haos  – They say for themselves it is a harmony created while creating the world. In literal translation the name of the gallery means “Mess”. It is Located at Dositejeva Street and it is quiet cute and small Gallery. Make sure to check it out and support the local artists by buying some of their art .

Where to buy art Galerija Haos

  • Salon of the museum of Contemporary Art – The MSUB Salon concept is based on the presentation of the most current trends in visual art, primarily through independent exhibitions of contemporary artists from the country and abroad, but also through the organization of presentations, discussions and lectures. It was open four years ago, and it is located at Pariska Street.

Where to buy art Salon of the museum of Contemporary Art

  • X Vitamin Galerija – the grand new gallery, located in the city centre, at Studentski Square. Created by art historian and curator Ksenija Marinkovic and artist Mica Stajcic, it is a new cult place that has to be on your to-visit list! X VITAMIN is a gallery that examines the metabolism of contemporary art in Serbia. It represents the artists of the middle and younger generation and cooperates with institutions and individuals from the country and abroad to realize various projects related to visual arts. Occasionally, it organizes educational programs as well as art conversations and other similar events intended for wide audience.

Where to buy art X Vitamin Galerija

  • Mala Galerija ULUPUDS-a – located in Uzun Mirkova Street. The Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) is a unique social, non-party organization and a voluntary professional association that creates the ambience for free operation of independent artists of Serbia. Through the activity of ULUPUDS, independent artists of Serbia realize their rights both in the domain of creativity and in the improvement of their social and legal status. Mala Galerija is one of their galleries. The second one is Galerija Singidunum located in Knez Mihailova Street.

Where to buy art Mala Galerija ULUPUDS-a

  • Pro3or Galerija – Continuously related to the activities of the wider O3ONE art-social project, the PROZOR Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary exhibitions and tendencies in art. Their space is ideal for exhibitions, debates, presentations and music events. Functionality of the space opens the possibility for alternative purposes, such as thematic celebrations, corporate event contents and the like, thus ensuring the sustainability of the concept of a gallery unique to Belgrade.

Where to buy art Pro3or Galerija

  • Galerija Štab – Check this place out while cruising trough Belgrade Sava Mala district. “ŠTAB is an independent gallery platform dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary exhibitions, art tendencies and public discussion with special attention to young authors and future generations. Their events are focused on live performance, music events, art exhibitions, and exchange of ides. Galerija Stab has a unique space, located at the beneath of a Brankow Bridge, as a part of a construction of the bridge that connect Old and New Belgrade.