Where to dine in Belgrade?

Where to dine in Belgrade?

If this is yours first time to visit Belgrade, and you don’t know any local people, it is pretty hart to know which are good places to dine. So that  pops a question: Where to dine in Belgrade? For us, best way to learn about Belgrade is to start with Balkan cuisine, and restaurant Ambar is perfect for that. 

Every meal is served as a tapas style, and every bite is perfectly balanced. You are going to feel like you are only guest there – stuff of the venue is so polite and helpful – they will assist you to choose the best dish that suites you. For this week we suggest to order steak medium prepared – best way to start. 

There are some innovations in the kitchen – brand new treats – something that you need to discover!

Check why is dining one of the favorite Belgrade activities, Ambar is waiting for you at Beton Hall. Karadjordjeva 2-4 street. Bon app├ętit!

Where to dine in Belgrade?

The best selection of traditional Serbian Kajmak you can find in Ambar

Serbian traditional beverage – Rakija

Breakfast in this unique venue

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