Where to stay in Belgrade – Best Areas & Neighbourhoods

You can discover Belgrade on many different ways. Where to crash would be the most important choice. It will Depend alot are you a short time visitor or an Expat. It could make a big difference on where to stay in Belgrade. Our City is the biggest city in the region. You will find Pretty much anything you need over here. City is super safe, food is good and prices comparing quality are Exceptional. First thing first. Where to stay? Above all is up to you to choose the right Neighbourhood.


There are 4 ultimate Neighbourhoods in Belgrade for Tourists and Expats 


Remember thease names: Centar, Novi Beograd, Vracar and Dedinje.


So Where to Stay in Belgrade?


These are the places on High demand. Centar, Novi Beograd, Vracar and Dedinje. They are the right choices! For some Centar might be a better while for others a New Belgrade. Your decision has to be related to your lifestyle. If you are visiting Belgrade for work and your work is located at the New Belgrade, it make sense that you will also resident at the New Belgrade. If you ride a Huge Car then Centar and Vracar will not be as good option. Some Streets in Centar and Vracar are challenging for ride a Huge SUV as well as for parking. If you are visiting Belgrade for a Holiday then Centar is the right place. If you work in Centar again Centar is the right place. If you are a digital Nomad and looking for Co working places we would recommend Centar again.



Where to Stay in Belgrade

Where to Stay in Belgrade?


Quick Guide on Where to Stay in Belgrade


If there are too much info on this page and you got lost let us make it easy for you.


Digital Nomads – Upper Dorcol and around Savamala


Business People – Waterfront & New Belgrade


Big Company Owners – New Belgrade & Waterfront


Diplomats and Embassy – Dedinje


Short Time Tourists – Anywhere in the Downtown


Balkan and Diaspora – Belgrade Waterfront and Vracar



Centre of Belgrade / Centar


Centar of Belgrade has a few names, nicknames and sub areas. Its important to GET TO KNOW Centar before you book your dream place. Centar is also called Stari Grad. Stari Grad means Old Town. Belgrade Expats call it DownTown of Belgrade. Centar is divided into sub areas: Kod Skupstine, Dorcol Gornji, Dorcol Donji, Knez Mihailova, Savamala and Belgrade Waterfront.


Kod Skupstine means Area around Parliament of Belgrade and Serbia. In this area you will easy access to any other areas in the Downtown. You can just walk around all these subareas. There are plenty Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Shops. You can find Laundry places and Even Shopping Malls. If you are not in a rush you will not need a car to go around City Center. There are plenty Residents in the Downtown that do not have a car. They just don’t want to hassle with a parking and traffic.



Belgrade DownTown

Belgrade DownTown / Belgrade Parliament



Belgrade Waterfront is the Newest area. It’s the most posh area of Belgrade. Ultra Expensive apartments and an amazing Mall got an attention of travellers. Belgrade WATERFRONT is located just next to the Savamala.



Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade DownTown / Belgrade Waterfront



Knez Mihailova is another Subarea of Belgrade Center. It’s a long and beautiful pedestrian street. This street is a dreamy place to stay. You will be very close or better to say walking distance to a Kalemegdan park. There is absolute anything out there that you might need.

Dorcol Donji ( Down ) and Dorcol Gornji ( UP ) are other two sub areas. Dorcol Up is on the highest demand when it comes to the short time travellers. This is very cozy and a pretty romantic neighbourhood. Dorcol Gornji ( Up ) is where is a famous tourist Skadarlia Street located. Plenty to see around. Dorcol Down is next to the Danube river. It’s a very beautiful area and its still located in the downtown.

Savamala is a small area that is famous for its vibrant social life. It used to be Hipster area and now is a home for High End Restaurants and Night Clubs.



Vracar Neighbourhood


Where to stay in Belgrade? Consider Vracar as an amazing option! This area is located 10-15 minutes by car from Belgrade Downtown. It became luxuries very fast. It’s a home for an High End bars and restaurants. There are plenty usual middle class cafes and places to eat as well. Most of the Expats are from Montenegro. Some people call Vracar area as a Small Montenegro. Why did Montenegrins choose Vracar? Not sure. Maybe its related to Montenegrins construction companies that build a lot at this area. Vracar is a home of a Saint Sava Temple! If your apartment is facing this temple you will enjoy in an amazing view.



New Belgrade



New Belgrade is a biggest area of Belgrade. Most of a Major business are located over there. Huge Streets and plenty of Parking makes New Belgrade a home for a big companies. There are plenty places for food and to live. You can find anything you need in the New Belgrade. Some locals almost never past the bridge to the Old Belgrade. They say its to hectic for them. Some Expats decided to stay at the New Belgrade. They feel that there are more space. Easy to access to popular summer clubs AND a lot of places to ride a bicycles.


Dedinje Area


Dedinje area is where are all the Embassy’s are. This is a diplomatic area. To buy a nice house would cost you around 3-4 million Euros. Its amazing and a beautiful area. If you have plenty of money to spend you might consider staying at this area. A lot of green zones and places to hang outside. Its not really best place for Digital Nomads and Short time travellers. You cant find everything you need over there. Dedinje area has super small subareas. Not every subarea is a lux. There are places where middle and upper middle class live as well.



Rent a place for a month first


We have tried to make it as simple as possible on WHERE TO STAY IN BELGRADE – Best Areas & Neighbourhoods! We hope that we got you closer to your decision. Our Suggestion would be to rent a place for a month and then cruise around and check it out yourself. After all what could be a good choice for you it might not be for someone else. Have a wonderful time in Belgrade.


Additional Info:

Before deciding where to stay while in Belgrade get to know more about our city. As u already know Belgrade is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonia Plain meets the Balkans. The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of 1.23 million, while nearly 1.7 million people live within its administrative limits. Belgrade is a vibrant city with many municipalities, to be precise, its metropolitan territory is divided into 17 municipalities. They are wide, and most of them are pretty far away from the city centre.


More about Dorcol


When it comes where to stay in Belgrade our recommendation will be Dorcol and next to the Parliament area.

Dorcol is an urban part of the city where you can find a lot of interesting sites to see. Name of this part of town was from the Turkish language and it means crossroad of  four streets, “dort” – four, “jold” – road. In the Middle Ages Dorcol was the most important part of the city life. One of the biggest attractions in Belgrade is Kalemegdan, the well known fortress in Dorcol. Kalemegdan have an amazing view from where you can see delta of two Belgrade rivers – Sava and Danube. It also contains beautiful park and ZOO which you might want to visit. In Dorcol, you can also find Skadarska street. Skadarska street or better known as “Skadarlija” is the Bohemian quarter where you can taste our national cuisine and enjoy in traditional Serbian vibe. Filled with traditional restaurants called “kafana” from where you can hear the sounds of old Serbia. This street is also known for its cobblestone or in Serbian – “Kaldrma”.


More About Knez Mihailova

Main pedestrian zone – Knez Mihailova street is located in the Belgrade Downtown. As you begin your walk along Knez Mihailova, you’ll notice it is filled with restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques. Knez Mihailova is the favourite places for shopping in Belgrade! At evenings in the Knez Mihailova you will find street performers and feel the real Belgrades vibes. The most of accommodations are settled in a part of Obilicev Venac. Good to know is that you wont find parking space that easy (if staying in Hotel, you will be fine).


More about Savamala


Belgrade City Center is a huge area, that consist of many sub areas within. Savamala district is one of the most popular places to be. But very little places to rent or to buy. Beton hall is where are all the best restaurants located at. At Beton Hall there are no Accommodation. At this part of the town you will find out about history, hear amazing stories and meet Belgrade street art. You will be introduced to culture, architecture, design shops and museums.


Hot Tips while in Belgrade


  • If you are into sport while in Belgrade, then 25. Maj (Sub area of Dorcol / Dorcol Down) is a perfect place to be.
  • Belgrade nightlife begin around 9- 10 pm and continue on the Belgrade’s rivers.
  • Dont get drunk before Belgrade Clubs
  • Never talk about Politic
  • If someone offer you with Rakija, Take it
  • Choose the right crowd to socialise
  • Always choose the right Taxi