Why are Serbians so tall

We still remember when our friend came to the Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla. First what caught his eye was the Huge Officer. He said that that guy was a real standing Giant. He said he never seen something like that in whole his entire life.


Wondering why are Serbian so tall?


Medical Discovery News back in 2017 wrote about tallest people in the world live in the Balkans. They wrote alot about genetics. People from this area were first class hunters. They adjusted their habits to live in the hard environment. Medieval Serbs were tall. Tzar Dusan was 210 cm. Which was very much extreme for back then. Why are Serbians so tall? This will go back to the history all the way to the famous Giants – Dinaric Race.


Dinaric Race


Historical facts. Dinaric race or better known Adriatic race. Light Skin, Dark Hair from dark blonde to dark brown, wide range of eye color, super tall, big nose and long face. Big feet, long arms and long legs. Dinaric people partly lived in the area of the Balkan. Many theories as well as a physical appearance connecting Serbs with Dinaric Race.


Did you know?


Did you know that Serbian / Yugoslav national basketball team in 2002 defeated USA in the World cup finals? Becoming The World Basketball champions!


Why are Serbians so tall

Why are Serbians so tall

Did you know that Portuguese are the shortest people in Europe? Don’t know how and whats the story behind that. But when Portuguese visit Belgrade Serbia its kind of interesting to see the diversity.


Foreigners SHOCK once they arrive in Serbia!


I have travelled the world up side down. My shock was HUGE when I saw all these Serbians when I first touched down the Serbian ground. I Have never seen men and women that tall in my entire life! I still dont get it why are Serbians so tall.


While i was at University in OHIO, I was always amazed with Heights of Serbs and Montenegrins.


My Ex is 185 cm and he was saying that is the average Height in Serbia. Here in China 185 cm would be the tallest person we got.


Ex Yugoslavs are Giants! My partners in business have Balkan Serbian Background. They said that their grandparents were 210 cm! That’s insane! They are around 190 cm and they are the tallest people In my surrounded with.


Why are some nations Tall and some Short?


This is something that science dosent have a clear answer to! What they know is:

That around 80 %%- 90 of the variation in human height results of inherited genetic differences between people! The Rest of the height difference 10 % – 20 % being due to environmental influences, such as diet or upbringing.



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