Why Dorcol

When it comes to finding great location for accommodation while you are visiting Belgrade, everything near city center is a good choice. There are many great locations around city center, if you want to be near, but not in center, then Vracar area is the great choice. If you want to be away, by still not that far (lets say around 10 minutes by car), than New Belgrade and Zemun areas will work fine for you. If you want all in one, than go for Dorcol area.

Why Dorcol Zemun

Why Dorcol? Let us explain all the benefits of this neighborhood.

Dorcol is an old part of the city where you can find a lot of interesting sites to see. Name of this part of town was from the Turkish language and it means crossroad of  four streets, “dort” – four, “jold” – road. In the Middle Ages Dorcol was the most important part of the city life.

One of the biggest attractions in Belgrade is Kalemegdan, the well known fortress in Dorcol. Kalemegdan have an amazing view from where you can see delta of two Belgrade rivers – Sava and Danube. It also contains beautiful park.

Why Dorcol Kalemegdan

One of the most important things is that if you are staying in Dorcol, you will be close to everything. Literally in the center of everything. Almost All the winter clubs are situated there, and if you are staying in this area, you can reach them easily and in no time by foot.

Main pedestrian zone – Knez Mihailova street is located in Dorcol area. As you begin your walk along Knez Mihajlova, you’ll notice it is filled with restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques. Knez Mihailova is one of the favorite places for shopping in Belgrade! This place is full of bars and restaurants, and its great point to start your day with some coffee or breakfast.

Dorcol is also known for having almost on every corner either some interesting restaurant, cafe or bar (not just in main pedestrian street/zone). Here you have mixture of modern and vintage look which gives the image to this old part of the town. Tours around this part of the town are organized where you can find out about history, stories, art, culture, architecture, design shops, museums and hidden bars and coffee shops.

Speaking of bars in Dorcol, you will find here one of the bests in our town! You are a cocktail lover? Here you go. Central bar without doubt is top cocktail bar. You can either choose from their list or you can choose yourself which ingredients you want in your cocktail, our suggestion would be: cucumber, ginger, honey or cinnamon. Their bartender won an award for the best bartender in the world in 2016, so don’t miss checking out this seriously good place!

And if you are in the mood for trying some of the top 10 Serbian food, you are on the right place. “Walter Sarajevski Cevap” is famous for their cevapi and are know for being the best in the city. The menu consists of food from the grill, Cevapi, Pljeskavice, Raznjici, Chicken, Kajmak, and a selection of salads. It is a combination of restaurant and a fast food, if you are in a rush you can simply just take-away. The best thing is that the prices are very reasonable. Located in what was once known as “Belgrade’s silicone valley” Strahinjica Bana street, in the heart of Dorcol area. If you like meat, you have to try Cevapi while you are in Belgrade, just ask any of the locals and they will point it out for you where the famous Walter is.

Why Dorcol Skadarlija

In Dorcol, you will find Skadarska street. Skadarska street or better known as “Skadarlija” is the Bohemian quarter where you can taste our national cuisine and enjoy in traditional Serbian vibe. Filled with traditional restaurants called “Kafanas” from where you can hear the sounds of old Serbia. This street is also known for its cobblestone or in Serbian – “Kaldrma”. There is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Belgrade, “Tri Sesira”. Great traditional Serbian cuisine, extraordinary wine, unique ambience, traditional music in the shade of cascading flowers and linden trees, excellent service, history and culture, renowned guests – all wrapped in one – one of the best experiences Belgrade has to offer.