Why Dorcol

Foreigners arriving to Belgrade for the first time asks why is everything focused in Dorcol area. Cozy places, hipsters and traditional Belgrade. Cool Shops and Galleries. Successful mix of old town that will easily seduce you. Depends who you asks there are multiply answers on Why Dorcol. We personally love and hang on Dorcol all the time. Some parts are romantic others are traditional. Its fashionably old with a style. Huge number of foreigners blended well with locals. Its pricey when it comes to a rent. Prices of rent triple in the last 3 years. Still it is way more affordable than other Europe Capitals.

Foreigners first question is Where to Stay?


First hing first. Tourists and those moving to Belgrade are looking for the perfect area to crash. For youngsters, digital nomads and tourists Centre of Belgrade is the best choice. For business type of people we would suggest New Belgrade. For Diplomats Dedinje area. We explained it well in the article Where to Stay in Belgrade.

Everything that surrounds City Centre is the good choice. But Dorcol is the heaven of Belgrade. From Top to Bottom you will have it all. Lets starts with youngsters. Monthly rent of an apartment will cost you around 500 euros per month. For something exceptional around 1000 euros. We are talking here about the style that would cost you from 2000-4000 e per month in Berlin or Paris. Walking distance to Co Working places. Walking distance to the best coffee shops. Hipster Cetinjska is around the corner. Traditional romantic street Skadarska. Popular Bars and Restaurants. Countless Fast food choices.


Why Dorcol

Why Dorcol? Romantic Bohemian Street.



What does word Dorcol means?


Name came from the Turkish language. Crossroad of  four streets, “dort” – four, “jold” – road. In the Middle Ages Dorcol was the most important part of the city life.


So whats else around?


Pedestrian street will take you directly to the Upper Dorcol. From there you will enter to the most popular park. Kalemegdan is the biggest attractions in Belgrade as well as Dorcol fortress.


How far away are Clubs from Dorcol?


In Dorcol you dont need a car. Everything close by. Almost All the winter clubs are situated in this area. Depends from the part of Dorcol you staying you might still need a taxi ride to a clubs.


Knez Mihailova Street


Why Dorcol? Main pedestrian street Knez Mihailova  is located at the top of Dorcol. As you begin your walk along Knez Mihajlova you’ll notice it is filled with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Knez Mihailova is one of the favourite places for shopping in Belgrade! This place is full of bars and restaurants. Its the exceptional point to start your day with a coffee and breakfast.

Here you have mixture of modern and vintage look which gives the image to this old part of the town. Tours around this part of the town are organised where you can find out about history. Hear stories and enjoy in the street art. Culture, architecture and design would be easiest way to explain. Interesting museums with hidden coffee shops.

Speaking of Bars in Dorcol over here you will find some of the best in our town! You are a cocktail lover? Here you go. Central bar without doubt is top cocktail bar. You can either choose from their list or you can choose yourself which ingredients you want in your cocktail. Our suggestion would be: cucumber, ginger, honey or cinnamon. Their bartender won an award for the best bartender in the world in 2016, so don’t miss checking out this seriously good place!


How is Food in Dorcol?


Its very tasty! You can find anything you want. You can get epic meal from 2 euros. Click here to learn about our food. Top 10 Serbian food delicates. DORCOL is the right place for a big tasty meals. From Posh expensive restaurants to Fast foods. Each Street offer hips of choices. Walter Sarajevski Cevap is famous for their Cevapi. Many claim that those Cevapi are know for being the best in the city. The menu consists of food from the grill, Cevapi, Pljeskavice, Raznjici with Kajmak. Walter is a combination of restaurant fast food. If you are a meat lover check them out.


About Romantic Street


Still thinking Why Dorcol? Couple paradise place. Skadarska street or better known as “Skadarlija” is the Bohemian quarter. Here you will taste our national cuisine and enjoy in traditional Serbian vibe. Filled with traditional restaurants called “Kafanas” from where you can hear sounds of old Serbia. This street is also known for its cobblestone or in Serbian – “Kaldrma”. There is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Belgrade “Tri Sesira”. Great traditional Serbian cuisine, extraordinary wine, unique ambience. Traditional music in the shade of cascading flowers and linden trees, excellent service, history and culture, renowned guests – all wrapped in one – one of the best experiences Belgrade has to offer.