Why you should sell everything

Why you should sell everything and move to Belgrade? Why would you even think about this after all Hollywood movies u have seen about East Europe? Since you are reading and considering moving as a option it means that you have heard realistic stories about Belgrade Serbia.

Here are some of the reasons that might push you into the new chapter of your life.


Price compering quality


If you work as a designer or developer, why wouldn’t you spend several thousand euros living like a king instead cooking at home and using metro at your own country. Yap, for few thousands in Belgrade it means like you would have 10 thousand in Germany. But wait a second, that doesn’t mean that quality of your life will drop. Nevertheless, your social life will boom. People in Belgrade love to mingle and to meet new people. Hospitality is what Belgrade is famous for. You will find many young entrepreneurs spending hours in Co Working places. Join the Belgrade Foreigner Club on the Face Book. Meet the other expats and hear their experience from the first hand. If you are into remote work and need a Eu Time, beside Portugal Belgrade is on the top of the list.


Getting an apartment


There are amazing deals on Apartment sales in Belgrade. If you decide to rent an apartment or rent a villa in Belgrade it will cost you way less then in the Western Europe. Again it doesn’t mean that quality of life will drop it means that Belgrade charge less for the same. Often people philologically think that if something is cheaper that is not worth as much as the same thing that cost more. Enjoy your apartment in the romantic downtown just next to the popular Restaurants. Coffee is the part of culture in Belgrade. Check the list of the best Coffee Shops in Belgrade.




Why you should sell everything

Why you should sell everything



Safe city – people ready to mingle


Why you should sell Everything and move on to the new chapter of your life? People are well dressed and ready to meet the new people. Its very fashionable. Its super safe for foreigners. The worst thing you might experience is the local people arguing loudly at the traffic. Don’t pay attenuation if you ever end up near by. Make sure to use the real Taxi in Belgrade. There are some illegal ones cruising around. People are friendly and you might get invited to someone house to try Serbian Food. Learn few words and what’s Rakija. So you can bland in.


Nice car is the must


You can use car from your country and drive with papers from over there. Make sure to have a license on you. Never drink and drive. Cameras and cops are everywhere so follow the rules. Having a nice car is a good and smart move in Belgrade. Much fun! Make sure that your car is fully insured. So you don’t have to worry about anything.


Splavovi Belgrade Summer Clubs



Why you should sell everything and move to Belgrade? If you are into remote work and love to party then Belgrade dude! Belgrade Clubs are the world class. Well dressed people that party hard till the early mornings. There are no entry fees but reservation is the must. Reservations are free though. Awesome! Make sure not to get drunk before heading to the clubs. Make sure not to be late for the reservation. In the clubs you will meet COOL people from Belgrade. You can choose Alternative, National or Mainstream clubs in Belgrade. What ever you choose you will be shocked. You will see why.


So many Reasons why you should sell everything and move to Belgrade. Come and visit us first. Stay couple of months and see how it works for you. Make sure to come during the summer days though. Have a good time in the capital of Remote work and fun!