Znak Pitanja Kafana In The Heart of Belgrade

Znak Pitanja Kafana In the Heart Of Belgrade 


Znak Pitanja which when translated into English means Question Mark is the oldest restaurant in Belgrade and is a must see by all who visit Belgrade.

Located in the heart of Belgrade in Kralja Petra street across from the city cathedral it is where you can relax and enjoy a traditional Rakija and be taken back in time.

Znak Pitanja takes great pride in the fact that it is continuing to keep the spirit of old Belgrade, and continuing old Serbian traditions, you will not find any fancy fit outs here everything is just the way it was when it was built back in 1823.

The restaurant has a soul of its own and a very pleasant ambiance, the staff all speak English and are very helpful and make you feel right at home. You can also enjoy live Serbian music while you dine.

Serving traditional Serbian meals, including soups, stews, beans, meats, and salads the food is made with love and you will be sure to have a true Serbian experience.






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